A smart home is about you, your comfort, a good night’s sleep and lessening your carbon footprint on the environment.

Smart homes are designed to harvest, store and release low-grade energy from natural sources to optimize maximum indoor comfort at all times. Essentially, smart homes intuitively super-charge themselves using the untapped potential of Mother Nature, 24/7. As a result, smart homes consume and waste less.

 This smart homes uses conventional furnace and split HVAC unit to deliver:

• Radiant comfort heating
• Radiant comfort cooling
• Improved indoor air quality for better good night sleep
• Intelligent energy management to save you money
• Your carbon foot print reduced

Solar PV requirements reduced by 30% for Carbon neutral home.
• Resilience or Added safety and passive survival in extreme weather built in

All the Smart homes are customizable using Building as a Battery. They suit local climate, distinctive and architecture preferences.

Built in King City, Ontario