Our Net Zero 2.0 home is about you, your safety, comfort and good night’s sleep. What’s more you feel good about reducing carbon footprint and save the environment.


What makes your home net zero 2.0 so good?

How to keep energy consumption and energy production in balance? It’s challenging, but achievable with “smart” floors as rechargeable battery.

Here is how we do it.

Our Net Zero 2.0 standard is entirely focused on you, your comfort, safety, energy and climate.

We set your Net Zero home to harvest, store and release energy from natural sources on demand. They keep you safe and maintain your desired indoor comfort at all times. Net Zero “smart” home super-charges using Mother Natures free energy most of the year, 24/7. Save big $$$.

Indoor air freshness

for you and your 4 legged friend assured. Rechargeable “smart” floor technology affords boutique comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

People in net-zero homes find them very comfortable without much heating or cooling. You also won’t experience any drafts. With “smart” radiant floors even comfort felt around the house.

They are very comfortable even on the coldest or very hot days. People suffering from arthritis more amenable to our radiant cooling.

Net-zero homes have smaller Solar PV capable of producing as much power as the household uses in a year. Save big $$$.

Another opportunity to Consume and Waste less. Save big $$$.

Take full advantage

of Ontario regulated price plan. Buy energy at 49% discount while you sleep. Avoid more expensive day time costs. Why waste your money? Save $$$ with our Net Zero 2.0.

Our Net Zero 2.0 standard is entirely focused on you, your comfort, safety, energy and climate.

How can I find out more?

Our Net Zero 2.0 homes provide you as a “smart” home owner with the confidence you expect from new net-zero 2.0 home. We offer a wide range of informative resources, including a list of professionals. They can help you plan your net-zero 2.0 home to fit your budget.

Contact us at: greenteam@termobuild.com